…think that you have the best rate for your savings or applications?

…would like a counseling service to your investments

…would like to see your money grow?

…have money, but failed to bank language?

Do not keep the money under the mattress. Finibom provides a consultant, which guarantees the best rates for your savings.

+ Finibom held by the customer, a study of market offers, advising what credit institution that best fits your profile, according to a survey of customer risk.

+Finibom is not a credit or investment institution, just make advisory service and financial intermediation.

+ Finibom, being an independent group, has to be ever watchful of our clients interests, making everything to guarantee the safety of their savings and investments.

+ Contact Finibom, and know today what are the best solutiona for your savings. (each case is considered in a unique way according to the amounts to apply or invest, and customer profile)

+ Finibom, offers a personalized service, you can be visited by a consultant, conveniently in the comfort of your home.

+ For security reasons, the Finibom never disclose customer data to third parties, governed by the same banks conduct code . (To preserve the highest standards of confidentiality in accessing, managing and processing all the information and, in general, in the exercise of any act of mediation and counseling, in the various banking operations)

Use credit responsibly. Consult with experts before sign any formal credit agreement.

Finibom is a Group that Works for You…